Things To Consider When Choosing Your Bridesmaids’ Jewellery

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Bridesmaids’ Jewellery

What is a dress without jewellery? Some would say it is still a dress but then would you wear a dress without it? I am sure the answer is a big NO. Jewelleries help to compliment your dress and transform your appearance. And the same goes for your bridesmaids. After their wedding dresses have been bought and fitted, you should then look to order matching jewelleries for the dresses. But the question is: do you know those things you need to consider when choosing jewelleries for your bridesmaids? If your answer is no, then you may want to read this article to the end. In it, we have put together some important factors to consider when picking jewelleries for your bridal party.

What Type Of Wedding Are You Having?


This is one of the first things you may need to consider when picking jewellery. Your wedding type would determine what kind of jewellery you and your bridesmaids should wear. Is it formal or semi-formal? Are you getting married in a church or on the beach? A choker may not be appropriate for a beach wedding and a dropdown necklace may be unsuitable for a formal wedding.


What Is The Theme Of Your Wedding?


Your wedding theme and colour can be used to select the kind of jewellery your bridal party would put on. In this regard, it is important that you understand how to combine colours properly. Some colours can be tricky to mix with others and it is easy to make blunders. If you aren’t sure of your skill in getting the combination right, you may seek the help of someone who does.

In addition, your wedding theme could inspire your choice of jewellery for your bridesmaids. For instance, jewellery with pearls will go very nicely with a beach wedding and jewellery with purple hue will look great for a vineyard wedding.


What Is The Style Of Your Bridesmaids’ Wedding Gown?


Regardless of the theme or type of wedding you are having, if your bridesmaids’ jewelleries don’t match the style and design of their wedding dresses, it still won’t turn outright. Not all wedding dresses are made equal and style should be an important deciding factor in choosing jewellery. If your bridesmaids’ dresses have embellishments such as pearls on them, then it makes sense to go for jewellery with pearls. Same thing goes for crystal and rhinestone embellishments.

More so, the neckline of the bridal dresses also plays a huge role in determining what jewellery is suitable. For example, a strapless top gown or a scoop neck gown would go well with a choker necklace. A lariat, drop, and pendant necklaces would best compliment a halter top wedding dress.

Remember to be creative but do not overdo it. Keep it simple; less is always more. Being simple saves time, energy, and money.

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