Dreamy Shoes for Your Dream Wedding Gown

Dreamy Shoes for Your Dream Wedding Gown

Do you need dreamy shoes for your dream wedding gown?  Let’s see what can be done about that…

You have the dress and the veil, now your on the hunt for the perfect shoes.  Ever since Cinderella found her prince, girls around the world knew that the perfect pair of shoes could make all their dreams come true. Finding dreamy shoes for your dream wedding gown can be a challenge.  Every bride is looking for the perfect balance between beauty and comfort. Many are forgoing high heels for a more comfortable flat.  Although, brides should not give up on their hope of wearing heels just yet.  Brides can find beautiful heels that still allow them to dance the night away.  As a bride, you obsess over the perfect dress and accessories to match but how much thought do you put into your wedding shoes?


Do you want to give yourself a little lift on your wedding day? If so, you can never go wrong with a heel.  Heels add an elegance to your wedding day look that other shoes will not accomplish. Here at All Brides Beautiful, we are firmly under the belief that a beautiful dress deserves beautiful shoes.  Wearing heels will give a girl the confidence that she needs to conquer her day.  When wearing a heel you do not need to completely give up on comfort.  Remember that you will be wearing these shoes for the ENTIRE day.  Take your time trying different shoes.  If you do not wear heels regularly and you may need to look for a wedge heel or block heel.  Heels with a larger heel will add more comfort throughout day.  Heels with a block or wedge heel are also the perfect compromise for brides getting married outdoors.  We have all experienced the fun of walking on grass with a skinny heel.  You can avoid constantly sinking into the ground with the right heeled shoe.  Remember to take your time when it comes to finding your shoes.  The perfect fit is out there!


When picking out your dream wedding shoes, remember that you will be dancing the night away and want to be comfortable.  Some are choosing the comfort of a flat shoe over the higher fashion of a heel.  When searching for a flat heeled shoe, remember that you can have comfort and style in any shoe. The never ending comment we hear from brides is ‘you won’t even see the shoes because the dress is long’.  We are hear to tell you that this is not really the case.  Your shoes will be seen; any time you take a step, or lift your hem when going up stairs your guests get a peak at your shoes.   With this in mind, look for a shoe that you will be proud to see in your wedding album for years to come. Choosing a flat, comfortable shoe does not mean you are stuck with the most unfashionable options.  Many shoes designers are featuring designer worthy styles in flat options.

Choose the Right Shoe for You

Always remember that at the end of the day you have to find the right shoes for you.  If you are not comfortable wearing a heel, then go for stress-free flats. Your shoes are just another element to your wedding day look and they should reflect the dress and accessories you are wearing. Finding your dream wedding shoes can take time.  Because of this you need to start looking almost immediately after buying your dress because you will have to wear these to all of your fittings.  Also remember that once your first alterations fitting begins you can not change your shoes.  Changing your shoes will mess up the hem that your seamstress altered to the length of your previous shoes.  Many women who wear a heel for there wedding ceremony eventually switch into flats during the reception.   When brides switch shoes during their wedding day, they run into the problem of a long hem.  Your seamstress will alter the hem of your dress to the shoes you are wedding for your ceremony.  Brides who stay in the same shoes the entire day will not run into the problem of tripping over their hems.  If you find the balance between beauty and comfort and your dreams shoes will help make all your dreams come true. When you find your dreamy shoes for your dream wedding gown, you will know.

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