Dec 12 2020
December 12, 2020

Carnival Night

  • 12pm
  • Outside Party Event

During the month of February, the small archipelago of Malta, will be hosting an event called Il-Karnival Ta’ Malta, which is one of the oldest and greatest celebrations in Europe. What is Il-Karnival Ta’ Malta? Karnival ta’ Malta is what the Maltese call carnival! Il-Karnival ta’ Malta is a truly unique event that is a very important part of the Maltese Culture!

Carnival in Malta is both a cultural and religious event that dates back over five centuries! Over the years, new artistic carnival traditions have been born, while many other ancient carnival traditions have been kept alive. The Knights of the Order of St. John were the first pioneers of carnival. They introduced strength competitions and carnival balls, traditions which have survived till modern times.

Carnival in Malta is five days of complete madness! The Malta Carnival is simple merriment, spontaneity, and downright silliness. The carnival spirit in Malta is something to behold! An incredible fantasy world is created on the streets with magical costumes, satirical floats, art and music. All this ensures that the joy and festive spirit is kept alive for the duration of carnival.

It is one of the most anticipated events of the year with celebrations occurring all over the islands. Valletta, the Maltese capital is the heart of all the carnival action! But other main carnival events also occur in Floriana (island of Malta) and Nadur (island of Gozo). You can also enjoy carnival all over Malta, as villages and towns across the islands have their own unique carnival celebrations.

Carnival in Malta is all about bringing the community together- old, young, Maltese and foreign. Every day of carnival, the community gets together and celebrates, creating the most enthralling atmosphere across the country. The goal of carnival is to promote a collaborative and healthy community, where everyone forgets their worries for a few days, socialises and enjoys life.

Carnival in Malta has withstood the test of time and today enjoys massive popularity with locals. The Maltese don’t just love carnival but they treasure it! They have grown up with it and are incredibly passionate about creating the best possible carnival. Now carnival is becoming increasingly popular with foreigners now receiving visitors from all over the world, who come to experience and savour the Maltese Carnival experience!